OBiS Mission Vision Statements


The Mission of OBiS is to meet the Scriptural need of Oromo speaking Christians in general and all others who have not had the chance of being introduced to the Holy Word of God.


Oromo Bible Society (OBiS) envisions to achieve the widest distribution of the Holy Scripture by being the most cost-effective and brand modelling Scripture translator, publisher and distributor in Africa.


  1. Total Commitment to the Holy Bible as the Word of God not to be altered from its original textual meaning but to be translated in the contexts of the readers.
  2. Seeking to model the highest ethical standard and best sustainable production practices.
  3. Full commitment to excellent performance standard and efficiency
  4. Faithful productive service to all churches in making the Scripture available and other spiritual literatures.
  5. Maintain integrity, accountability and honesty in all performance and in communications.
  6. High esteem and kind consideration for its supporters, volunteers, clients and workers.
  7. And, above all, humbly, prayerfully and faithfully commit so that God’s Holy Word not only received into the hands of the individuals but to their hearts for their eternal Salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.