The New Testament of Holly Bible was first translated to Afaan Oromoo in 1830 by Reverend Krapf. Moreover, Onesmos Nesib had translated the New Testament starting from 1886 and it was published at Emkulu in 1893 and put in to service. Abba Gemechis continued to work on translation of Holly Bible and he translated the entire of Holly Bible with Aster Geno and the same version was published and put to service in 1899. When Abba Gemechis had completed the translation and publication of Holly Bible in Afaan Oromoo, he expressed his joys by saying, “Now, God has given Big Resource to the Oromo People, which no one could take away from

Gospel missionaries were coming to Oromia for evangelical missions, they, the first being Rev. Gebre Ewostatewosi and Daniel Debela, came bringing New Testament and Books for Songs, which were scripted in Afaan Oromoo. Later on, the entire version of the Holly Bible was introduced. This was the main tool for Oromo People to accept the doctrine of Christian Religion.

After the first translated version of the Holly Bible had served for solid one hundred years, the new translation was processed since 1975 and it was published and made ready for service in 1993. Later, the same version was transcribed to Oromo Alphabets and published and put into service in 1997. It is known that it is because of the pressures and burdens put on Afaan Oromoo prevailing at that period leading Oromo Bible to wait for such long time without being revised.

The first translation of Oromo Bible was put in to service through missionaries and even though the second translation was done by Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Mekane Yesus, the initiative and supervision was taken by Western Synod. Transcription of the Bible using Oromo Alphabet was also requested by Western Synod and EECMY asked with resolution and Reverend Dr. Tesgera Hirpho and compatriots abroad handled the mission.

However, its follow up has been only put on the shoulder of Rev. Dr. Tesgera afterwards and the real ownership of the Oromo Bible, as a nation is not yet distinguished to handle its supervision so far. Thus, the society which is established now has primary founding objectives to realize that the ownership of this Holly Book is the Oromo People, follow up and handle future translations and revisions to be made on this Book and its use.

This Society will not be affiliated to any Christian Church and it shall handle its founding objectives and functions independently. As the beneficiaries of the outputs of the operations of the Society are, however, members of Christian Churches, all Evangelical Churches, those are making use Afaan Oromoo to deliver their services, are expected to support this Society. They are also anticipated to take part in its functions and activities by becoming member of the Society.